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Google Search app for iPad has new look, features

Google Search for iPad has been given an overhaul, with a great new look and some fantastic features. Searching doesn't get much easier.

Google has updated its Search app for iPad, giving it a far more visual look, making it easier to see results, according to The Next Web.

It's tightly integrated with Google Instant, so you'll see results as soon as you start typing your query, just like using the search engine on a desktop computer. Select your result, and a pane comes in from the right side, giving you a magnified preview of the page, so you can keep browsing results while the page loads. Neat.

The image viewing section has been given an overhaul, and we have to say it looks rather nice. Tap an image and a rolling carousel will appear; swipe left or right to scroll through the images, letting you find what you want in seconds. It's also extended to your search history, too, so if you know by sight what you're looking for, but not by name, there's no trouble.

Tap the icon in the top right, and again you'll get a preview to see results, so you can flick through until what you're after jumps out at you.

So what of all Google's other software? It's all there, just hit the Services section to reveal shortcuts to Gmail, Google Plus, Photos, Maps, Calendar, Docs, Voice, Translate, YouTube and more. Hence if you use a lot of Google services (and who doesn't?), they're all in one place for handy flicking between.

The iPhone app also has a new full-screen viewing mode.

While we haven't had a hands-on, it looks great. And it's good to see Google not repeating its mistake with its Gmail iPhone app that was so bug-ridden it was pulled about an hour after launch.

You can get the app for free here. Let us know what you make of it in the comments section or over on our Facebook page.