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Google scares up a cute game for Halloween doodle

Help an adorable black cat as she tries to save her school of magic from sinister spirits.

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With your help, Momo has more than a ghost of a chance of saving her school.


The Magic Cat Academy is facing a ghostly catastrophe and Google needs your help to save it.

This year's Halloween doodle is a game that features Momo, an adorable black cat with magic powers who is racing the clock to save her school from a horde of invading spirits. By swiping your cursor vertically, horizontally or other patterns, you control Momo's magic wand as she vanquishes ghouls trying to take over the hallowed halls of her school.

You score points by eliminating the advancing apparitions as they try to attack Momo in five different levels of the school, from its cafeteria to the rooftop and everything in between.

But first a warning: this game is addicting. You may find yourself trapped in it for hours -- time you could be spending today carving up defenseless pumpkins.