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Google, Rumblefish planning new YouTube service

YouTube users looking for music to use in their videos without getting sued have Rumblefish to thank, and soon could have more options under a new service.

Google and Rumblefish are set to announce a new version of an existing deal that allows licensed music to be used on YouTube.

The companies are planning a press conference for June 29 with Rumblefish founder and CEO Paul Anthony and an unnamed YouTube executive, according to an e-mail pitch received by CNET. Representatives for Rumblefish and YouTube declined to comment further on their plans, but it appears they are likely set to expand their current relationship.

Rumblefish is a music-licensing company that cuts deals with musicians and companies looking for background music to use in marketing campaigns or products. Google started offering Rumblefish music on YouTube in 2008 to give its users a legal option for using music in their videos.