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Google rolling out multi-account sign-in to users

Used to signing out of one Google account, then signing into another to check e-mail or calendar events from multiple accounts? Google is beginning to roll out a new option that makes that process easier.

Google Accounts logo

The shuffle of having to log off, then back on to your Google account to open up Google services from different accounts, but in the same browser instance, is soon to be a thing of the past.

As noticed by the Google Operating System blog, and later confirmed to CNET by a Google spokesperson, the company is in the process of rolling out a new feature that lets users cycle through up to three of their registered Google accounts without having to re-identify their credentials. Even better, they'll be able to switch from one to another with a simple drop down menu.

The new option shows up in a user's Google account settings. Screenshot by Gautam Joshi/CNET

The new system, which was available on only 1 of 13 tested CNET employee Google accounts, requires opting in from a user's Google account management page. Once enabled, it provides quick account switching in Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Code, and Google's Sites products through the use of a drop-down menu that sits in the top right-hand corner of compatible Google sites. This enables users to keep multiple instances of something like Gmail open without the older page reverting to more recently signed in account.

Two notable Google services that don't yet work with the feature are Google Docs and the recently opened Wave. Users trying out the feature also have to give up the offline features in Gmail and Calendar.

Is this feature active on your Google account yet?

Update at 8:49 p.m. PDT: Clarified how the active account switching works when signed into multiple accounts.

The new settings toggles.
The settings toggle and an explanation of what it does. Screenshot by Gautam Joshi/CNET