Google reportedly requires device makers to show 'Powered by Android' logo

The company may be pushing a new logo in order to get consumers more familiar with the Android brand name, according to reports.

google android logo

Google wants to make sure consumers know that Android is what powers most smartphones, no matter who built the device.

The tech giant is requiring mobile device makers to promote its Android operating system's brand name, according to images published by the Android Police blog Friday.

Rumors surfaced earlier this week that Google was forcing its partners to brand the screens of phones as they are turning on. New images show the logo, "Powered by Android," which would be shown on the screen when a phone is booting up.

Both reports said manufacturers will have to show the logo in exchange for access to the Google Play Store. We've contacted Google for comment and will update if we hear back.

Google's Android operating system is the software that runs on a majority of the world's phones. Android actually runs on a number of devices, including the popular Samsung Galaxy smartphone line, but many consumers are not aware of what software is on their phones.

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