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Google is reportedly working on an Echo Show rival

The smart speaker with a display will be out for the holiday season, the report says.

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Google may ship a screen-equipped smart speaker for this year's holiday season.


If you love the Amazon Echo Show's screen but hate the sound of Alexa's voice, you'll be glad to hear that Google's working on an alternative model.

The company will reportedly release a screen-equipped smart speaker. It'll be ready to ship for this year's holiday season, the Nikkei Asian Review reports, citing suppliers in Taiwan.

"Google targets to ship some 3 million units for the first batch of the new model of smart speaker that comes with a screen," an industry source told the Nikkei. "It's an aggressive plan."

If it exists, the new speaker would run Google Assistant and offer another option on top of the original Google Home, the Home Mini and the Home Max. Unlike those models, it'll presumably allow you to play YouTube videos and use Google's Maps service.

Google declined to comment on the report.

The company allowed partners like Lenovo -- which released the Smart Display 10 -- JBL, LG and Sony to use its Smart Display platform in their devices, but hasn't released one of its own, the Nikkei notes.

However, its product vice president, Rishi Chandra, hinted at plans for a smart display device in an April interview.

"It's an emerging category," he told Variety. "I'm not saying we are not going to do it."

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For a sense of how Google Assistant compares to Amazon's Alexa in a product with a display, look at CNET's Echo Show/SmartDisplay 10 face-off.

If you're looking to tweak the appearance of any of Google's current smart speaker offerings, check out our customization guide.

First published Aug. 17, 4:29 a.m. PT.
Update, 7:43 a.m. PT: Adds links to Rishi Chandra interview and product comparison.