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Google reportedly investing $880M in LG OLED for Pixel phones

The tech giant is trying to make sure there's a great supply of screens for its next generation of homegrown phones, according to the Electronic Times.


Google unveiled its first generation of Pixel phones at the end of 2016.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Here's an early clue to what we can expect to see from Google's next Pixel phones: flexible OLED displays made by LG.

Google is seeking to invest at least 1 trillion won ($880.29 million) in LG's display business to help boost its output of OLED screens, according to a report in the Electronic Times on Monday.

The tech giant launched its first Pixel phones toward the end of 2016 with 5-inch and 5.5-inch OLED displays. The phones were well received, but the panels needed to make the phones are in short supply and not always easy to come by in big quantities. Google is reportedly hoping to avoid shortages in the future by investing in the tech.

LG Displays makes the most money on OLED producing larger displays for TVs, but Google's investment would help it create a dedicated production line for small and medium-sized OLED displays that should guarantee better supply next time around. It would also guarantee Google priority when it comes to getting the number of screens it needs.

Google and LG Display did not immediately respond to requests for comment.