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Google remains US search king, not surprisingly

Of the 19.3 billion searches people made in the US in October, 12.9 billion of them were handled by Google.

Not much has changed in the US search engine market during the past month. Google held steady keeping its massive edge over all other players; and, Microsoft saw a small increase, while Yahoo experienced a minor decline.

Digital analytics company ComScore released new data on Wednesday covering the US search engine market in October. The numbers show that Google maintained 66.9 percent of the market and Microsoft came in a distant second with 18.1 percent. In the rear, Yahoo got 11.1 percent, Ask had 2.6 percent, and AOL came in with 1.3 percent of the market.

Breaking down these percentages into raw numbers shows that in the US during October, users conducted 19.3 billion explicit core searches. This means Google alone saw 12.9 billion searches, Microsoft's Bing saw 3.5 billion, and Yahoo saw 2.2 billion. The numbers are almost the same as ComScore's data from last quarter.

Yahoo's search market share has been in a steady free fall during the past couple of years. It finally lost its second-place spot to Microsoft's Bing in December 2011. Just a year and a half ago, Yahoo's search market share was 16 percent, but by September 2012 it was 12 percent, and now it's down to 11 percent.