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Google refreshes Incognito in Chrome 36

The company updates Chrome on desktops and Android with small feature improvements and security fixes.

The new look of Chrome's Incognito. Screenshot by Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

Google's latest version of Chrome clarifies its private browsing-mode message and repairs a number of security bugs.

Chrome 36 Stable (download) for desktops on Wednesday debuted a new icon and message for the private browsing Incognito mode, cleaner-looking notification pop-ups, and a crash recovery bubble to better alert you when something has gone wrong. However, the Incognito icon in the upper left does not appear to be updated yet.

The Linux version of Chrome also gets the Chrome App launcher, which Windows and Mac received earlier this year.

The 26 security fixes include a medium-level bug that earned the researcher who found it $2,000. The full changelog for Chrome Stable for desktops is here.

Chrome Stable for Android 36 (download from Google Play) also contains mostly incremental changes, and will be made available over the next few days. It improves how it renders text on sites that have not been optimized for mobile device screens, making it a bit more legible. It also brings back Google Doodles to the New Tab page.

Of the two security fixes that Google called out in the release notes, a bug that allowed URL spoofing in the location bar earned the researcher who found it $3,000.