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Google refreshes Chrome's look for iOS 7

As iOS 7 makes its way out to existing iPhone and iPad owners, Chrome for iOS updates with design improvements and a way around Apple's block against changing default apps.

Google Chrome for iOS now lets you open default links in other Google apps. Google

Google updated the iOS version of Chrome on Wednesday, timed with the release of iOS 7 to the general public.

Chrome for iOS 30 (download) doesn't change much from last week's release of Chrome for iOS 29, which included pronoun recognition in voice search, cached search results, and a data cost-savings calculator.

The latest update adds one-click sign on to other Google apps on your iOS device, provided you're logged into Google in Chrome. It also lets you open links by default in other Google apps, a feature which arrived in Gmail for iOS earlier this year.

For Google fans using iOS, this will let you stay in the Google app ecosystem when other third-party apps, such as browsers, are unable to be set as default link handlers. That's a big win for Google, and expect to see this feature come to other Google apps to complete the circle of reciprocation.

Besides the slight icon tweak to accommodate iOS 7 design standards, most other changes are under the hood. The app should be more responsive in full screen mode on iPads, and there are the usual spate of security and stability fixes. Chrome for iOS 30 release notes are available here.