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Google redirects to Hong Kong site

Visitors seeking the Chinese-language version of Google's search engine hosted in China are being redirected to a Hong Kong site, and censorship warnings have been removed ahead of Google's expected announcement regarding its future in China.

Editors' note: Google is moving its Chinese search to Hong Kong. Read our updated coverage here.

In advance of an expected announcement about its plans in China, Google has begun redirecting traffic to its Chinese site through Hong Kong and has removed language warning searchers of censored results from its search results pages.

MarketWatch on Monday reported that preparation for Google's possible exit from China appears to have begun. Visitors to are now being redirected to, with no mention of the shift. In addition, searches that Monday morning produced warning labels reading "according to local laws, regulations and policies, some search results are not shown" were no longer carrying that warning.

Google is widely expected to announce Monday--or in the very near future--its decision regarding its future in China. In January, it said that unless it could work out a way to offer an uncensored search engine in China under Chinese law, it would close the site and would consider pulling out the country altogether.

A Google representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the shift at