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Google rebrands DoubleClick's affiliate ad program

Performics, which DoubleClick swallowed up in 2004, has now become the Google Affiliate Network as part of DoubleClick's own acquisition by the search giant.

Google is using this optimistic graphic to help sell affiliate marketing. Google

JotSpot became Google Sites, Writely became Google Docs, Picasa might become Google Photos. And as of this week, DoubleClick's Performics affiliate ad network has become the Google Affiliate Network as part of Google's $3.1 billion acquisition of the ad firm. The premise remains the same: publishers get a commission when someone not only clicks on their ad, but then goes on to buy something.

Right now, per TechCrunch, some of the big advertisers include Target, Verizon, and Barnes & Noble.

DoubleClick acquired Performics in 2004 for $58 million; the search advertising start-up had been around since 1998.