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Alphabet readies burrito deliveries on its drone launch pad

Alphabet's Project Wing is partnering with Chipotle to test the accuracy of its delivery drones on the campus of Virginia Tech.


Ready to take flight.


Alphabet will seek to redefine the meaning of fast food next month when it begins using drones to deliver burritos to hungry college students.

The Google parent's Project Wing said Thursday it has partnered with Chipotle Mexican Grill on a temporary test to deliver burritos on the campus of Virginia Tech. Alphabet's unmanned aircraft will take burritos from a Chipolte food truck and hover over customers while using a winch to lower the food.

New FAA regulations for commercial use of drones went into effect in August, making it easier for pilots to use drones for everything from structural or crop inspection to search-and-rescue operations to film production. However, those new rules did not include approval for commercial delivery services.

Alphabet's test will give the agency a taste of what to expect, perhaps allowing it to cook up new rules. The tests will specifically be used to evaluate the accuracy of the drones' navigation systems and measure people's response to the devices.