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Google Reader alternatives including Flipboard, Feedly and more

Here's our five alternatives to Google Reader for keeping up with your favourite RSS feeds, including Flipboard, Feedly and more.

Google Reader has fed its last feed. The Big G is shutting the popular RSS reader this summer, so we've rounded up five alternatives to Google Reader for keeping up with your favourite websites.

I use Google Reader every day, not just for technology news but also to keep up with my bestest blogs, webcomics and news, even keeping track of mentions of my favourite keywords -- including my name, natch -- with Google Alerts. So which service should I switch my feeds to?

Feedly is a popular choice, with the added bonus of a seamless switch-over from Reader. Taptu and Pulse both offer a visual layout to swipe through your stories and posts with big pictures.

On your tablet or phone, Flipboard puts your stories in a beautiful magazine-like layout.

Then there's Google Currents, which is another mobile app that reads RSS feeds and much more. Perhaps now Google Reader is going by the board, Currents will become more popular, but now we've had our fingers burned with Reader can we ever trust Google again?

Google closes the book on Reader on 1 July, but you can translate your feeds using Google Takeout.

How will you replace Google Reader? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.