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Google pushes Net goods

Would you pay for online research? Google hopes so. Also: The search engine lets developers dig around.

Google's has been introducing new services or products almost weekly that test consumer interest in hiring expert researchers and developer interest in building applications using its database, among others. But the company does not intend to let new projects taint its strongest asset: search results that are among the most relevant on the Web.

Google gives some advice...for a price
In yet another test of new services, the search site is quietly wading into the expert-advice market, a lackluster business that proved too taxing for some former Net highfliers.
April 19, 2002

Developers dig in to Google's toolbox
A new toolkit that allows software developers to automatically query the search site's database has spawned visions of real-time search results. But critics are skeptical.
April 17, 2002

Google protects its search results
The company clamps down on computer-generated search requests that can help unscrupulous marketers manipulate its search rankings, but in doing so it denies access to number of Web surfers.
April 16, 2002