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Google Project Glass high-tech specs first hands-free photo

Google has shown off the first picture taken by the Project Glass high-tech specs, a hands-free snap.

The opposite sex don't like specs -- but who can resist Google's augmented reality glasses with built-in camera? Google has shown off the first picture taken by the Project Glass high-tech specs. Look mum, no hands!

Googlebod Sebastian Thrun posted the picture of his son Jasper in mid-flight, taken with the Project Glass AR specs. Posted on Google+ -- where else?! -- the snap was taken by the face-mounted wearable AR unit, even though both Thrun's hands were occupied.

They say chaps don't make passes at girls wearing glasses, but with something as cool as this to play with romance would probably be the last thing on your mind. The Project Glass spectacles are shaped like regular glasses, but with a small screen and camera where the lens would be. That displays head-up display-style information overlaid over your regular view of the world.

According to Google's promotional video, you can see information about places you're going or adverts you see, and can have messages and even video calls projected in front of your eyes. It's controlled by your voice, leaving your hands free for spinning kids around -- and throwing your hands out in front of you when you fall down the stairs because you were checking your email.

Project Glass was unveiled earlier this year, and is currently being tested by Thrun and other members of the Glass team. If you're in Silicon Valley and see someone wandering around looking a bit like this, now you'll know exactly what they're doing:

Google's concept is a nifty combination of wow-that's-clever with actually-that-could-be-really-annoying. Not everyone has had their mind boggled by Google's goggles -- one expert has expressed doubt over whether Glass can actually do what's shown in Google's video.

Are you impressed by the Project Glass snap? How would you wear Google's AR specs? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.