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Google powers up users' Gmail security arsenal

The e-mail service is rolling out a way for members to see where else their accounts are logged in, and giving them the option to log out remotely.

A look at new Gmail security features that let you know where else you're logged in. Google

Gmail users now have some extra ways to make sure no one can snoop around in their e-mail accounts, a post Monday afternoon on the Official Gmail Blog explained. The Google e-mail service provider is introducing a feature so that members can see where they're logged in and then opt to log out if they want.

The feature is currently rolling out to Gmail members using the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

At the bottom of your Gmail window, you will now see if you're logged on in any other locations, the post by engineer Erwin D'Souza explained. You can then click through to find out the other IP addresses where you're logged in, and whether those locations are Web-based, on mobile devices, or elsewhere.

Finally, in the event that you see your ex's iPhone listed as one of the IP addresses, you can click a button to sign out all locations other than the one where you're currently clicking around on Gmail. Then it's time to think about whether it's creepy that you know the IP address of your ex's iPhone.

"If you are anything like me, you probably sign in to Gmail from multiple computers," D'Souza wrote. "I, for example, occasionally sign into my Gmail account from a friend's house when I need to check an important email. Usually I remember to sign out, but every once in a while I wonder if I really did. Now I no longer have to wonder."