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Google Plus explained in jaunty video

How is it Facebook's new rival different, and is it worth bothering with? Watch our video to find out. Warning: contains multiple Lukes.

Google Plus is a new social network from search giant Google that goes up against Facebook. But how is it different? And is there any point in battling Facebook when it's already so popular? Hit the play button above to check out our video investigation.

Google Plus is much like Facebook, but it has one major difference -- the ability to sort your contacts into different circles, so you can decide who sees what. That means you can hide dodgy drunken photos from your colleagues and parents! Just what we always wanted.

Watch the video to see our hapless investigator cloned in order to demonstrate how Circles works. We hope you appreciate it -- it wasn't easy incinerating all of those clones.

Google Plus also has a feature called 'Hangouts', which is basically a glorified webcam chatroom, and something called Huddle, which lets you do free group chat from your mobile.

But the bigger question is, does anyone even care about this new social network? Facebook has over 500 million users, a staggering number. Why would anyone switch when all their friends are already using Facebook? Is Google Plus doomed to go the way of Wave? And what do random members of the public think?

Fear not, for we have answers. Answers in video form. So hit play and feel your cerebellum swell with knowledge.

Once you're done, let us know what your views are in the comments, or on our very own Facebook page.