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Google Play redesign out now, as Google battles naff apps

Nearly 60,000 rubbish apps have reportedly been kicked off the Play store -- is Google focusing on quality?

Google has given its app shop a fresh lick of paint, ditching the dark colours in favour of lighter, more friendly hues and a revamped interface.

Google says the new interface, which has been rumoured for a while, focuses on "bigger images that jump off the page", and changes the way the shop's digital goodies are organised, making the search giant's wares easier to find.

As you scroll down through a page new recommendations for things to buy will automatically be generated, while the Big G claims it's simplified the payment process too -- making it easier than ever to throw your cash in Google's direction.

Any Android phone or tablet running Android 2.2 Froyo or higher will be anointed with the fresh app, though Google says, "People around the world should see it over the next few weeks," so don't be alarmed if you don't see the fresh bit of software cropping up today.

Meanwhile, Google may be taking a tougher stance on the thousands of rubbish apps that lurk within its app store. TechCrunch reports that nearly 60,000 low-quality apps were chucked -- Jazzy Jeff and Uncle Phil-style -- from the Play store in February, a figure that's said to be a record high.

It's no secret that Android -- which doesn't force app developers to put their software through an approval process -- has a massive stack of naff apps lurking within its hallowed halls. MP3 and ringtone apps are said to being led to the chopping block en masse.

The report says that Google has beefed-up its app approval system, so that dodgy apps are being caught after they're added to the Play store. Apple takes a different approach, forcing new apps to face a jury of reviewers, who determine whether an app is worthy of entry.

Do you like the new-look Play store? Should Google focus on quality apps?

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