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Google Play Movies & TV iOS app doesn't let you buy or rent

Google's opened up its Play Movies & TV service to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but it doesn't let you buy or rent anything -- you have to do that elsewhere.

Google's Play Movies & TV store has opened up on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so if you've recently switched to an Apple device from Android, films and shows you've bought or rented are now available to watch.

That's the only situation in which it'll be useful though, because the app itself doesn't let you buy or rent anything, no doubt because of Apple's restrictions on what iOS apps can do.

You have to go to Google Play on your computer, or on an Android device, then log in and pay for it there. Only then will your choice of motion-picture entertainment pop up on your Apple gadget.

You can't download stuff either, and it only streams over Wi-Fi, not 3G or 4G. TV shows are only available for users in the UK, US and Japan, but movies are more widely offered.

It's kind of like a Netflix where you've had to pay for everything individually. You can download the app here.

The hobbled app joins Play Books, which has the same restrictions on iOS, and Play Music, which doesn't let you buy tunes, but does have a Spotify-like All Access option, as well as streaming up to 20,000 songs you've already bought.

It's an odd move, but no doubt Google reckons there's more upside to expanding the reach of its entertainment store than downside in encouraging Android users to migrate. Presumably there's value in knowing which users have Apple devices too.

Would you be more likely to buy movies and TV shows from Play knowing you won't lose them if you switch to Apple? Or are third-party services like Netflix much more convenient? Hit play down in the comments, or on our unrestricted Facebook page.