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Google Play movies and shows find new home on cheap Vizio TVs

Vizio D series TVs can now stream films and TV shows from the Google Play Movies and TV app.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Streaming just got a little more comprehensive, at least for owners of the cheapest Vizio Smart TVs. 

It's now possible to watch movies and TV shows from the Google Play library directly through Vizio's Internet Apps Plus platform on its entry-level D series smart TVs, the TV maker announced Wednesday. The app joins Netflix, Amazon video and YouTube and a host of others on the platform.

In CNET's recent review of the two best-featured members of the D series, we lauded their picture quality for the money. Reviewer David Katzmaier found the apps platform "antiquated," however, and cited rival Roku TVs as far superior in terms of apps. He also restricted his review to just those two models, calling the series as a whole a "sprawling, incomprehensible mess."

Vizio rolled out access to Amazon video in its higher-end P seriesM series and E series on similar fashion on August 7. They have a more sophisticated smart TV system compared to the D's and fared better in CNET's reviews. 


Stream Google Play movies and TV shows directly on Vizio HDTVs.