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Google Play Games app adds easy, on-the-fly recording

Google is making it easier to share your mobile gaming exploits on YouTube.

An update to the Google Play Games app makes it easier than ever to record yourself playing video games on your phone.

An update released on Wednesday will add a video recording option to the app. You'll be able to record your game as you play and use your phone's front facing camera to record yourself adding commentary.

To start recording, just fire up the app, pick a game that's installed on your phone and hit the "record" button. The app will capture gameplay in 480p or 720p, and once it's recorded you'll be able to make basic edits to your footage and upload it to YouTube.


This feature was recently added to the YouTube Gaming app, and it makes sense for Google to try to make this sort of on-the-fly recording available to as many Android gamers as possible.

"We wanted to let people get a foot in the door to build an audience," said Duncan Curtis, a product manager for Google Play Games.

More people broadcasting their gameplay means more opportunities for folks curious about "Let's Plays" and other gaming-centric content to find something worth watching. And that's good news for Google: YouTube reports that people watch 144 billion minutes' worth of footage of people playing video games on YouTube every month.

Gameplay recording will be rolling out to users in the US and the UK over the next few days, and it'll be available in more countries soon.