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Google plans Glass for Work program, report says

The effort will be aimed at using Google Glass as an add-on for business application, like tech support, according to the report.


Google Glass, the search giant's eyewear technology that provides everything from directions to the ability to snap photos, will become a little more useful in the corporate world, a new report claims.

Google on Tuesday will announce Glass for Work, a program designed by the search giant to bring more business application to its high-tech spectacles, the New York Times is reporting. The platform will identify areas in which Glass can prove useful for business users, and include applications designed for a particular enterprise.

Glass is currently available only to Explorers -- a term Google coined for those people who signed up to test the device. Google Glass, which costs Explorers $1,500, can perform a variety of tasks, from recording video to providing directions and showing relevant information based on a person's location.

So far, Glass has been pitched as a consumer tool. Speaking to the Times on Monday, however, Google said that its eyewear has application in the business world. To prove that point, Google has been offering Glass to some companies to utilize for their own operations. The Times pointed to one example in which an emergency room doctor saw relevant patient information on Glass as he was with the patient. Police departments and sports programs are also testing Glass.

Further details on Glass for Work are slim at this point, but CNET has contacted the search company for comment on the Times report. We will update this story when we have more information.

Google shares are down 6 cents to $538.09 in pre-market trading on Tuesday.