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Wearable Tech

Google Pixel Buds' new tap controls make 'em way more convenient

The new controls are rolling out now.


Google released the Pixel Buds in fall 2017.

James Martin/CNET

Google is rolling out new tap features to the Google Pixel Buds, making controlling your buds a breeze.

The Pixel Buds already come with various tap controls, but this update, announced Tuesday, brings new triple- and double-tap functions. Here's what you can now do:

  • Triple tapping the right earbud will turn your Pixel Buds on or off
  • Double tapping the right earbud will let you skip to the next audio track (must be set up within the Google Assistant app)
  • Simple switching between previously paired devices by selecting the Pixel Buds on the device's Bluetooth menu (your Pixel Buds will automatically disconnect from the current device and pair with the new one)

Google says the update is rolling out now and will be available to everyone next week. You can read how to update your Pixel Buds here.