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Pixel won't share Google Assistant with other Android phones

Key features will be available only on Google's new Pixel phone.

Pixel's best features, like Google Assistant, won't be available on other Android devices.

James Martin/CNET

Android fans who want to check out Google Assistant will be out of luck unless they get one of the company's new Pixel phones.

Android 7.1, the latest version of Google's mobile software, will have exclusives for the Pixel, leaving other devices stuck with the Google Now voice-activated personal assistant instead of the AI-powered assistant Google showed off at its event on Tuesday.

Pixel users will also be the only ones with access to unlimited photo and video backup storage, according to a change-log obtained by Android Police. Google confirmed these features would be exclusive to Pixel.

Though Google Now and Google Assistant are similar, Assistant is the search giant's latest push for voice-controlled artificial intelligence across its devices. In addition to having a friendlier interface, Google Assistant is integrated with Google Home and Chromecast.

Update, 1:25 p.m. PT: Adds confirmation from Google.