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Google Photos update makes themed slideshow movies for you

The search giant's latest trick for its Photos app automatically gathers pics with similar content and creates movies based on those memories.

A Google Photos update now enables the app to cull from your entire photo album to create slideshow movies.

Josh Miller/CNET

Have you ever wished you could hire a professional videography team to follow you around and make personalized movies of all the fun things you do?

On second thought, a personal paparazzi service actually sounds pretty creepy, but thanks to the newly updated Google Photos app, all you have do is take the stills and let the AI engine take care of the rest.

In a blog post Monday, the company showed off a new feature for the Google Photos app that automatically gathers photos with similar content and creates slideshow movies based on those memories. As an example, it showed off a concept movie, posted below, comprising images from a young girl's childhood.

To be clear, the movie creation service existed previously, but only gathered shots from your recent uploads. Now the app culls from your entire photo album to produce content.

Let's hope it works better than the Moments app Facebook released last year, which was the subject of controversy last week when it designed a disturbingly chipper movie composed of a user's car accident photos.

Google also unveiled a new photo-sharing platform for the app that sends pictures across multiple OS platforms.

The search giant teased more concepts to be announced soon, but for now the Google Photos update is available immediately for Android, iOS and the web app.