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Google opens ad network to outsiders

Search giant will let a select group of third parties serve and track ads delivered through its AdWords service.

Google will open its ad network so certified partners can serve advertisements and track ad data--a move designed to make it easier for advertisers to run campaigns across multiple companies' networks.

"This will empower advertisers to work with approved third parties to serve and track display ads, including rich-media ads, across the Google content network through AdWords, giving them more options, flexibility and control over their campaigns," Rajas Moonka, senior business product manager, said Monday on Google's corporate blog.

The network had been closed, waiting for Google to build a mechanism to review ad compliance with Google standards. There are only a handful of partners in the program now, but Google will add more as they become certified, the company said.

The certified rich-media agencies that can supply ads to the network are Eyeblaster, EyeWonder, Interpolls, PointRoll, Unicast, and Google's own DoubleClick Rich Media. The certified ad-servers are DoubleClick and Mediaplex.