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Google offers shared storage on Gmail and Picasa

Google lets users who max out the storage on a free account buy more storage that can be used by both Gmail and Picasa.

Google shared storage
Google offers shared storage for Gmail and Picasa. Google

Are you the kind of person who posts a ton of photos and videos online but uses very little e-mail storage?

Well, Google is now offering consumers the ability to buy additional, or overflow, storage when they reach the free limit in Gmail or in Picasa Web Albums (2.8GB and 1GB, respectively), instead of having to pay for more storage in each program separately. Eventually, other applications like Google Docs & Spreadsheets will be included.

Prices range from $20 per year for 6GB of overflow storage to $500 a year for 250GB.

The news was released by Google after Google Blogoscoped readers started noticing that their Gmail storage was mysteriously growing on Thursday.