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Google+ now makes it easier to lock your posts

The social network now lets you disable comments or lock your posts before you share them, providing an added bit of security.

Lance Whitney/CNET

Google+ users can now lock their posts or disable comments before they share them, courtesy of the latest update to the social network.

Both options have been available for awhile. Disabling comments ensures that no one can respond to a post, while locking your post completely prevents someone from sharing it as well. But until this week, you could turn on these features only after you had already shared your post with your circles, a rather backwards approach.

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Described earlier this week in a Google+ post by company engineer Ebby Amirebrahimi, the latest update now lets you choose either option before you actually share your post. This provides an extra touch of security before your message goes out to the people in your circles or the Google+ community at large.

Clicking on the down arrow next to your circles lists displays both options. You can choose to either disable comments or lock your post completely before you click on the Share button. Clicking on either option explains what it does and asks for your confirmation before you enable it.

Google rolled out this latest enhancement in response to requests from Google+ users, according to the blog. Amirebrahimi promised more improvements over the next few weeks and months and encouraged users of the social network to keep sharing their feedback.