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Google Notebook: Reinventing the clipboard

Holy little-known Web service, Batman! We've just stumbled across Google Notebook and it's actually quite good. Hurrah!

Keeping up with Google's endeavours is a full-time job. If it isn't commanding 80 per cent of the world's search traffic, it's making sure dorks like us stay in touch via email, or letting insurgents spy on our troops in Iraq -- talk about having your fingers in every pie.

Its 'latest' venture is Google Notebook -- a service we heard about yonks ago but forgot about, due to Google Expansion Apathy Syndrome. But Google has cleverly piqued our interest by making Notebook available in 'British English', which is jolly good, so we gave it another whirl, and we're over the moon.

The service is a browser extension that lets you copy and paste Web content into a pop-up 'notebook' you can access through your Google account. It's a great scratch pad for taking notes, saving articles (including images) and collecting random data you come across on your Web travels. It lets you clip information without leaving the page you're on and you can share your notes with others or collaborate with specific users.

We think it's the bomb. It's miles better than copying and pasting stuff into Windows Notepad, where it'll inevitably get lost. Get involved, baby. You can download it here. -RR