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Google Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich update delayed

Ice Cream Sandwich remains officially just out of reach for the Nexus S as Google delays the update -- but we'll help you update anyway.

Keen to get your teeth into Ice Cream Sandwich for the Google Nexus S? The tasty treats of the latest version of Android remain officially just out of reach as Google has delayed the update for some regions -- but stick with us and we'll help you update anyway. 

Google has paused the official update to "monitor feedback", even after some puzzled Nexus S owners received an alert that the ICS update is available for them to download.

Some excited Android users received the notification that their phone was ready to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, but when they hit the button to begin the process... nothing happened.

In a thread on the Google support forum, Googlechap Paul Wilcox explained to wannabe ICSers, "If you received an update notification a little while ago but the update isn't currently available for your phone, this is likely the result of Google pausing the update in your area while we monitor feedback. The Android 4.0 update is continuing to roll out around the world so your phone will receive another update notification when it's available again in your region."

Determined to get ICS anyway? Follow our guide to updating to Ice Cream Sandwich early -- but please remember you do so at your own risk.

Ice Cream Sandwich made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus this month, and very impressed we were too, awarding the phone a prestijis CNET UK Editors' Choice award -- once the pesky volume bug was fixed, that is.

Have you upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich? Is it everything you dreamed of and more? Or has your update been delayed? Tell us whether you're phone has said ICS or ICno, in the comments or on our Facebook page.