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Google Nexus 4 spotted running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

Google's Nexus 4 has been spotted running Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2, so could a UK update be on the horizon?

Google and LG's Nexus 4 already runs Android Jelly Bean -- making it even more of a steal, if you can lay your hands on one -- but it looks like we could soon see it upgraded to the latest version (4.2.2).

Nexus 4s running Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 have been spotted in the wild, SlashGear reports. The update is said to be rolling out in Brazil and Malaysia now, though there's been no official word from Google. Let's hope the UK isn't far behind.

One report mentions a batch of 1,000 Nexus 4s is shipping out in Brazil, and will reach mobile networks (and customers) this month. One site was even sent a review unit running Android 4.2.2, so it's definitely out there.

4.2.2 is only an incremental upgrade, so don't expect a whole new feature set. It seems like most of the tweaks involve bug fixes, so nothing will be radically different. Still though, any update is welcome. And the Nexus 4 should really be one of the first out of the gate with the latest build of Android, seeing as it is made by Google.

The Nexus 4 was one of the best handsets released last year, earning our coveted Editors' Choice award. What with it being an absolute steal at just £240, it promptly sold out. More stock became available, but it didn't last long. Head to Google Play, and you'll see both 8GB and 16GB models are still sold out. Quite a situation.

Plucky Internet sleuths revealed around 400,000 Nexus 4s have been built, so let's hope Google can restock its digital shop sharpish.

Do you use the Nexus 4? If not, which version of Android are you running? I can't be the only one still stuck on Gingerbread, surely? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.