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Google Nexus 4 sequel could be way, way sooner than expected

A sequel to the Google Nexus 4 could be on the cards already, with rumours suggesting Nexus 4 production has halted.

A sequel to the Google Nexus 4 could be on the cards already, with rumours even suggesting that factories producing the current Nexus have ground to a halt.

International Business Times reports that LG, which builds the Nexus 4 as a vessel for Google's Android software, has halted production on the bargainous phone. LG has dropped hints that the Nexus 4 is just "the first of many" smart phones developed between the two companies. 

LG didn't launch any new phones at CES, last week's gadget-packed trade show. Instead, the Korean megacorp promised a major launch at phone-focused show MWC in February -- all standard stuff. But could hints of further fruit of LG's "growing partnership" with Google mean a Nexus 5 or new Nexus phone?

Any new Nexus could turn out to be an updated version of the current phone. Today's model has been spied running Android 4.2.2, and a new phone could arrive to showcase Key Lime Pie, the next version of Android.

Word on the street is it could also be bumped up to a 2GHz processor. 

A new phone is all very well, but Google has had enough trouble just getting the current model in people's hands. The Nexus 4 went on sale in mid-November, but has only been in stock for about a day. Both the 8GB and 16GB model are currently sold out.

One advantage of a new phone would be to draw a line under the troubled Nexus 4, which has been almost impossible to buy. Stock problems have undermined the goodwill generated by the Nexus 4's generous specs and unbelivable price. 

Do you think Google should draw a line under the Nexus 4 with a new model, or does the Big G have something else in mind? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.