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Google Nexus 4 delivery down to 3 days, Nexus 7 dock on sale

The Google Nexus 4 now arrives in as little as three days. And the Google Nexus 7 dock is on sale too.

Delivery time for the Google Nexus 4 has been slashed to its shortest time ever. Order now and you'll have the phenomenally popular Android smart phone in as little as three days. And the Google Nexus 7 now has a dock too.

After stock shortages saw the Nexus 4 available to buy for just a few hours in its first couple of months on sale, delivery times are now down to between three and five working days.

The Nexus 4 finally went on sale properly in January, and apart from a blip when delivery time dropped to a few weeks, delivery times have stayed at one or two weeks. Stock problems have clearly been well and truly sorted now though.

Although Google is sending enough phones our way, accessories are a different story. We're still waiting for the Nexus 4's wireless charger, which is on sale in the US but not over here.

But if you're sick of propping up your Nexus 7 on a log or hastily assembled pile of fruit, you can now buy a dock for your Nexus tablet.

The dock boasts a micro-USB port and 3.5mm audio-out, holding your tablet at an angle so you can watch movies, TV and videos while charging up the battery. To charge your Nexus 7, you only need to drop the tablet into place without the need for any cables.

The Nexus 7 dock costs £25. The Nexus 7 starts at £160, and the Nexus 4 costs from £240.  

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