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Google Nexus 4 coming to Virgin Media

Virgin Media is the latest network to added the Google Nexus 4 to its lineup, for free on certain contracts.

Struggling to lay your mitts on a Google Nexus 4? Fortunately another network has added the Nexus 4 to its line-up: Virgin Media.

Virgin is offering a range of two-year contracts, many of which offer the phone for free. The Nexus 4 is so cheap to buy on its own we suggest you think twice about getting it on a pricey network contract, but the phone has now been out of stock at Google for so long that buying from a network is currently the only way to actually get your hands on one.

Virgin's tariffs start at £31 including a Nexus 4 for free, but with a limit of 500MB of data per month. Pah! But you can get unlimited data on a tariff of £34 per month -- with a £100 charge for the phone -- or fork out £39 or more for a free phone and unlimited monthly data.

You can swap tariffs at any time, paying either more or less money.

Other networks selling the Nexus 4 include O2 and Three, but many felt the deals on offer suffered in comparison with the price charged by Google. If you buy the phone from Google -- starting at £240 -- then get a cheap SIM from GiffGaff or the like, then you're likely to save money in the long run. But as Google Play is consistently sold out, expectant Nexus fans may find themselves swallowing the extra cost just to get their hands on the phone.

LG, the manufacturer of the phone, has again claimed this week that production of the phone is on schedule. Google meanwhile says LG's supply has been "scarce and erratic."

Would you sign up to Virgin Media to bag a Nexus 4? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.