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Google News gets the addition of Google+ comments

The search giant rolls out upgrades to its news pages, including bigger images, real-time coverage, and Google+ comments posted alongside the articles.

Google News' updated look with Google Plus integration. Google

In the continued omnipresent integration of Google+ into all of Google's products, the Web giant announced some new features to its U.S. edition of Google News today. In addition to larger images on the main page and real-time news coverage, the tech company is also adding "relevant" Google+ posts to its news pages.

Google News product manager Scott Zuccarino wrote in a blog post today:

Many news stories inspire vibrant discussions on Google+, and today we're starting to add this content to both the News homepage, and the realtime coverage pages. This way you can see what your circles, journalists covering the story and notables like politicians or others who are the subjects of stories have to say about breaking news, and even contribute to the discussion directly from Google News.

For now, the Google Plus discussions will only show up in the U.S. edition of Google News and for people who are signed into the social network. If users prefer not to see the featured comments they can either log out of Google+ or turn off the posts on the Google News settings page.

When Google first launched its social network last June, the company's goal was to combine what was at the company's core -- its search engine -- with social networking. This also meant moving toward the integration of its products, such as Google News with Google+.

Not all users seem to be happy about the social network's ubiquitous approach to the Internet. Earlier this week, actor and writer Wil Wheaton got up in arms about having to sign into Google+ to like a video on YouTube.

The latest upgrades to Google News will be rolled out over the next week. "Today's updates are the latest examples of how we're working to provide users with a beautiful, consistent experience across Google," Zuccarino wrote.