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Google News gets a punch-up for Honeycomb tablets and iPads

Google makes enhancements its News site to provide a better experience for tablet users. Find out what's new here.

Google News gets a slight design change for Honeycomb tablets, iPad. Google

Honeycomb tablet and iPad users are in for a new Google News experience, as Google took to its news blog last night to announce a number of tablet-optimized enhancements to the popular news Web site.

Google News now features a slightly modified UI with colors and buttons that fall closely in line with other recent changes to the tablet user experience. The news site also renders well in both landscape and portrait orientations, taking full advantage of available screen space without feeling cluttered.

Additional features include support for finger swiping across images when viewing the multimedia strip in the expanded story mode, as well as a navigation menu at the top of the screen.

The new Google News experience is available now in the U.S. edition and can be accessed by pointing your browser to