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Google Naps parody site may be useful when you're sleepy

Google Maps gets gently mocked by a rogue site that instead points you to prime napping locations.

Google Naps screen
The Netherlands appears to be very nap-friendly. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

You are getting sleepy. But you're out in the middle of unfamiliar territory and you don't know where you can turn to catch a few winks. Never fear, Google Naps is here.

Visually, Google Naps pretty much looks like Google Maps. You enter the location you want to search and it takes you to a map. If you're lucky, the map is populated with indicators of good nap spots. Google Naps' creators are in the Netherlands, so that country is already well-stocked with nap areas.

In the US, users are busy adding comfortable snoozing locales. For example, Camino Real Park in Tustin, Calif., is marked as an excellent nap location with the added detail of "There's an open space here under a tree. Awesome place to nap."

I searched my neighborhood but found no napping sites listed. I guess the site hasn't caught on in New Mexico yet. No worries, though; I can add my own napping locations. To submit a prime napping spot, you click on the map and fill in your name, why it's a good nap place, and the type of nap offered. There are four "type" options: bench, bed, field, and bridge.

Google Naps includes a plea to Google to not take the developers to court. "We don't mean to damage your brand or anything, we just want to bring a smile on the faces of Google fans," the message reads. It ends with an offer for Googlers to crash on the developers' couch in the Netherlands and be supplied with coffee and baked eggs "for a small price." Sounds fair enough.

(Via The Next Web)