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Google Music Store screenshots leak, free tunes incoming

Sign up to Google's upcoming Music Store, and you'll get a free song every day, according to leaked screenshots.

Google has managed to get one over on iTunes with its forthcoming Music Store, which will offer a free song of the day, every day, according to leaked screenshots.

TecnoDroidVe has gained access to the store via the back door it seems, reports Android Police, and discovered what looks like an early version of the virtual music shop, hence these screenshots. And it looks quite an enticing prospect.

The man from TecnoDroidVe (who we imagine is wearing dark glasses, fedora and overcoat with upturned collar) used an HTC Inspire 4G, though seeing as the store isn't up and running yet, we're not sure how he found his way in. One screen clearly shows a Free Song of the Day (in this case Deborah Cox, so not all good), suggesting that yes, sign up to the store and you'll get a free tune every single day. We like.

So what else? It seems to offer recommendations for similar artists to those you've searched for or bought, a search function, and artist profiles, all of which are to be expected. Tracks seem to be priced $0.99 to $1.29 (£0.62 to £0.81), with albums at $8.49 to $9.49 (£5.34 to £5.97). But there are only a couple of each shown, so there may well be more prices.

Disappointingly there's no mention of the 'share with friends' function that's rumoured, so we'll have to wait and see.

Google is making an announcement on Wednesday, and we're expecting it to be full details on the Music Store. It's just one day before the Samsung Galaxy Nexus touches down -- the first handset to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich -- and the same day the Nokia Lumia 800 goes on sale. What a week for phone fans.

We'll be bringing you all the official news as it happens, so keep it CNET UK. Would you use the Google Music Store? And what would you like to see? Let us know on our Facebook page.