Google might be chatting with WhatsApp

Google may be in talks to buy messenger app WhatsApp, the next Xbox could be revealed in May, and the smart-wrist revolution continues with the LinkMe.

CNET Update needs a smarter wrist:

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Could Google be looking to buy WhatsApp? The latest report says Google is considering acquiring the app for $1 billion. At the end of 2012, it was said Facebook was talking about buying this popular messaging app. If it sells for $1 billion, that puts WhatsApp into the same category as Instagram, which sold to Facebook for the same amount.

Also in today's tech roundup:

- We might hear more about the next Xbox console in late May. Reports indicate that Microsoft pushed an April reveal back to May 21.

- Sony revealed that its 4K televisions, also known as Ultra HD, start at $5,000 for the 55-inch model. Well, it's certainly much less than the 85-inch $25,000 model shown at CES.

- The Mars rover Curiosity is taking a spring break, because the Sun is blocking communication with Mars for several weeks.

- Is the Pebble Watch worthy of your wrist? Read the full CNET review here.

- Also in this emerging smart-wrist category, LinkMe wants to be a scrolling LED billboard for your wrist -- if it can get the funding.

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