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Google may help you advertise

Google may help you advertise

The smallest businesses can find themselves frozen out of a lot of the advertising landscape. Big companies buy all the choice ad spots in every medium, and even the best keywords on search engines can be bid out of an acceptable price range by companies with more cash to spend on marketing.

Now, it seems, Google may try to make it easier to get the word out. A new patent filing for something called Google Automat will apparently help tie together databases for classified ad-like applications. Classified-ad guru Peter Zollman's company found the filing that he notes could mean Google will be helping small businesses advertise more quickly and easily.

Zollman's press release notes that Google says in its filing: "Placing creatives and advertisements online for access by the general Web community can be especially problematic for individual or small advertisers."

Google, analysts believe, has been planning to make a push into the classified advertising space with a few applications, including something called Google Base, which will allow people to post data about things such as cars, real estate and jobs--three of the biggest areas for classified advertising. We can only wait and see how much further this goes for all types of small biz.