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Google Maps tours the world's largest passenger airliner

Use Google's Street View to take a peek into the Airbus A380, a massive and luxurious aircraft. Neon lights and fully stocked bar included.

The lounge inside the Airbus A380 via Google Maps Street View. Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

You don't need to book a flight to check out the neon-lit bar, fancy snacks, or leg room aboard the world's largest passenger airliner -- just use Google Maps.

Google Maps has taken its virtual Street View mapping inside the Emirates Airbus A380, a massive and luxurious airplane that docks at Dubai International Airport. The plane has a wingspan that's 261.8 feet long and can carry 517 people, according to Google. It is the most fuel-efficient jet in its class and can cover more than 9,320 miles in a single flight.

Using Google Maps, you can check out all the amenities, including the suites, lounges, spas, and even the cockpit. To see the bottom level, click on the "E" button, and to view the top, hit the "B" button. Check it out here:

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