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Google Maps now sends you to multiple destinations

Search in Google Maps, and you will find more. The service adds event calendars, personal itineraries, and multiple destination support.

Google Maps is now adding multiple destination support. Google

If you're sick of having to plan a multi-stop trip on Google Maps one destination at a time, you're going to like the Maps update that began rolling out on Wednesday.

It delivers the long-requested multiple destination support for driving, walking, and biking directions. Once you receive the update, you can tap a plus icon (+) below your directions to add another destination.

As the screenshot below indicates, multiple destinations apparently was a feature in the previous version of Google Maps, but appears to have been removed with the major update that was announced at Google I/O earlier this year.

The latest update also includes an Upcoming Events card when you search for entertainment venues, such as Radio City Music Hall in New York. Clicking one of the performances will take you to the site for the event.

Google Maps users in the US only are the first to be able to see their personal itineraries in Google Maps. As in Google Search, when you look up directions to the airport or your dinner location, Google will pull up your flight info or your reservation alongside it.

Google did not immediately respond to an inquiry about whether the feature was limited to the US because of the company's legal wrangling with European privacy regulators.

Update, 3:37 p.m. PT: Adds details on previous multiple destination directions.

Google Maps
Multiple destinations in the older version of Google Maps. Screenshot by Carrie Mihalcik/CNET