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Google Maps makes it easier to share lots of recommendations

Now you can save and share lists of favorite places on Google Maps. It's the kind of thing you think it would have done years ago.

Now you can make and share lists of places on Google Maps.


Ever planned a trip to somewhere new and asked a friend for a list of places to visit?

A new Google Maps feature aims to make it easier for you to actually get to those places. On Monday, the search giant updated its app to let people save lists of favorite places and let them share those lists with friends.

The Google Maps feature has been available to Local Guides, people who help Google discover new local places in exchange for benefits like invites to special events, since last month. But Google is now making the feature available to everyone.

The move comes as Google's rivals beef up their recommendation tech. Facebook in October launched social recommendations, which lets people outsource tips for venues and restaurants to their Facebook friends. Those places then show up on a map.

You'll be able to view the lists on iPhones, Android phones and desktop computers, and edit the lists even when you're offline.

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