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Google Maps now comes with YouTube (officially)

Previously available as an optional add-on, YouTube videos are now a core part of Google Maps. It seems layers are becoming a more important part of the popular mapping tool.

Just a few short months after adding videos as an optional add-on in Google Maps, Google seems pleased enough with the feature to have built it into the popular mapping tool. By choosing the video layer from the "more" menu, which also houses photos and Wikipedia entries, users can now browse and watch YouTube videos that have been geotagged.

The feature is no different from the previous one except in presentation. Instead of pockmarking your map with little red dots, each video appears in thumbnail form. The interface has also been slimmed down to exclude the video information and view count, letting the player fit in a smaller amount of space.

(via Google Blogoscoped)

Google Maps now offers YouTube videos as an official part of the interface. To toggle it on just click the check box in the 'more' menu. CNET Networks