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Google Maps Mashup list offers something for everyone

Google Maps Mania blog offers list of 100 things you can do with Google Maps Mashups.

I bet you didn't know there's an easy way to see what terrorist or suspicious activities are happening around the world, on a map. Are you curious as to where there have been UFO sightings? How would you like to map your photos or, even potentially more useful, find a public toilet near you?

Mike Pegg over at the Google Maps Mania blog has created an entertaining and handy list of 100 things you can do with Google Maps mashups.

The options range from the very convenient, such as how to find cheap gas in your area or how to create a running route, to the slightly more esoteric, like how to map your location in relation to Mecca for Muslim prayers or where to buy beer in Ontario.

Wow, I didn't know that the exact other side of the world from San Francisco is in the middle of the Indian Ocean, just due southeast of Madagascar! maps out terrorist incidents and suspicious activities on a Google Map.