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Google Maps gets 45-degree images, as Apple Maps struggles

Google Maps has been updated, while Apple is still reeling from its Maps embarrassment.

How's this for timing? While Apple is embroiled in one of its biggest foul-ups to date over its mapping software, Google has rolled out a batch of updates to its own navigation aid.

Google Maps now has 45-degree imagery for 51 cities around the world, including our very own Newcastle. So that means you can get an eyeful of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and its surroundings as if you were in a passing helicopter. Pisa in Italy has been given the treatment too, so you can take a look at the famous Leaning Tower.

The new angle is available in 37 US cities, and 14 international locations, Google announced on its blog. It could well have developed the feature after hearing about Apple's Flyover option, which lets you adjust your viewing angle. Though I doubt Google is too worried about Apple Maps at this moment in time.

So what else is new? Aerial and satellite imagery has been updated for 17 cities and 112 countries, for both Google Maps and Google Earth. And again, Newcastle is on the list. Those lucky Geordies.

Google recently brought underwater panoramas to its Street View service, giving a glimpse of what life is like under the sea.

Apple, meanwhile, introduced a handy section in the App Store to help your find a decent maps app. This comes off the back of Tim Cook's apology, where he admitted the company hadn't kept to its usual high standards with Maps. I'll say. Anything that prompts a Tumblr in its honour has to be a bad thing, if you're Apple. Cookie's recommendation? Try an alternative while it tinkers with Apple Maps and gets it good and ready.

Have you tried the 45-degree angle in Google Maps? Let me know what you make of it on our Facebook page, or below in the comments.