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Google Maps easy embed feature goes live

That new Google Maps embedding feature we mentioned last week is live. Now go play with it already.

That handy new no-nonsense embedding feature for Google Maps has gone live today. Clicking the "link to this page" option on the top right of any map will give you quick and dirty embed code to place into any blog or Web site that supports it. There's also an advanced option set to tweak the size from small, medium, large, or custom like I've done with the one embedded below. Instead of using Adobe Flash, Google employs an iframe to simply load the page within the page.

This is a far easier solution than tracking down an API key and hard coding embed information. Google is claiming the new system is "YouTube-style," which to a certain extent is true, except lately YouTube's embeds are looking ages beyond this. Still missing is StreetView, which I think would take this feature to the next level.

To embed a map on any page, just click the 'link to this page' URL on the top right, and grab the code. CNET Networks

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