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Google Maps 5.5 for Android updates check-ins, transit

Google continues to incrementally roll out new features for its leading mobile maps app.

Google Maps for Android refurbs transit pages

In the latest update to Google Maps for Android (version 5.5), Google turns its attention to the details by adding to the Places pages, transit pages, and Google Latitude.

Places pages now get their own buttons for check-ins and to rate and review businesses--you'll see the new fields at the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, commuters looking up schedules for public transportation can get a snapshot of routes for all lines serving a location (pictured above), not just the one Google has calculated you need. You'll also be able to see links to nearby transit stations.

The third subtle addition is to a self-stalking feature in Google Latitude. If you're the type of statistics junkie who likes to track your whereabouts to see where you spend your time, you'll appreciate being able to update your addresses for home and work directly from the app.