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Google Map Maker comes to UK, lets you add to Maps

Map Maker lets you add things like nature trails or building information to Google's Maps service.

What does Google do when mapping the world becomes boring? It gets you to do it! The Big G is bringing its Map Maker service to the UK, giving Brits a chance to edit the Internet behemoth's popular mapping service.

Using the service, you can add building names to Google Maps, or mark out natural sites such as fields or hiking trails.

Before your local wisdom pops up on the map, they'll be put under the microscope by Google and fellow Map Maker fans, the BBC reports. The review process should cut down on incorrect information, or sloppy spelling.

To get an idea of the kind of additions people are making to our green and pleasant land, Google has a special site that flits through recent submissions. Paths, academic buildings and the kind of trails that Google's Street View cars would never find are common additions.

Drawing on the knowledge of people who actually live in the countries Google is mapping seems like a smart move, and I like the thought of Google Maps eventually becoming a kind of cartographical Wikipedia.

Google is ahead of the pack when it comes to mapping the planet Earth, though other companies want in on the fun. A recent Apple patent suggests the iPhone-maker has been pondering its own version of Street View, while Nokia boasts that its own maps app is a major selling point for phones like the Lumia 920.

How often do you use Google Maps? Will you try adding information to it, or would you rather let Google handle the hard work? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.